India’s First & Unique

Private Jet Air-Time Share Program


Welcoming to join India’s First and Unique Air-Time Share Program in the Private Jet Industry

Subscribe for 25 Hours onwards and enjoy
the flexibility and convenience throughout the year
  • Annual Subscription starting from 25 Hours

  • All Year Fixed Pricing

  • Fly as low as 5 days prior notice

  • Guaranteed Availability throughout the year

  • Upgrade Options

  • World Class Safety Standards

  • Lowest Repositioning Charges

JeTime Program

SBS Aviation introduces the JeTime Program, India’s first and unique Air-Time Share Program. Under this program, enjoy the comfort of Private Jet Travel with all year fixed pricing, guaranteed availability, and the lowest Repositioning Charges.

The Subscription starts from 25 Hours to 100 Hours per annum.

We provide top-notch Private Jet Services adhering to aviation standards and providing impeccable flying experience at the right price.

Rewriting industry norms one step at a time

SBS JeTime

Travel in the most luxurious charter aircrafts at significant savings with fixed hours subscription model.

SBS Premium

Enjoy the luxurious and convenience of flying private at the right price. Pay for what you use.

SBS Exclusive

Cost Effective fixed hourly rates so that you can always plan your flights according to your budget.

Plan Your Next Journey with Us.

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