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Our sole aim is to provide an economical leasing model to our customers such that flying private jets is made a way of life, rather than a one-time luxury.

About SBS Aviation

SBS Aviation pioneering in the space of fulfilling the dream of owning the private jet aircraft, giving our customers the choice to experience the wide variety of Private Jets of their choice while paying only for the hours they need. SBS Aviation is driven by experienced Industry Professionals and professionals with cross-functional experience with a vision to become the No.1 Private Jet Leasing Company in India.

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SBS Private Jet

SBS Aviation has Unique Program that gives access to the global private jet fleets through a scheduled payment system offering financial flexibility. Just Pick the aircraft that best suits your travel needs with the capacity to effectively optimize your travel requirements. For more details visit our SBS-Jet Program.

Iconic fleet

Our fleets include all sizes ranging from midsize cabins (up to 8 passengers) to Large Cabins (upto 14 passengers). SBS fleets include Cessna, Falcon, Embraer and Bombardiers. Should you wish to lease a large aircraft for a shorter duration, do contact us for a providing a personalised leasing option.

The ultimate cabin experience

The Cabins of our Jets are designed for you to choose either your private Business Class Suite or a Family space of sitting together. We precision design your comfort inside your Jet with all the required personal equipment.

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