Experience the ultimate cabin comfort

Experience the ultimate cabin comfort

At SBS, we believe in providing the best cabin
experience you can imagine.

Experience your Home Lounge

The Cabins of our Jets are designed for you to choose either your private Business Class Suite or a Family space of sitting together. We precision design your comfort inside your Jet with all the required personal equipment

Our Client Service Team learn their Owners’ preferences with heightened attention to detail and provide exceptional travel experiences every time they fly.

The "Best in Job" Team

You will be at your best flying comfort with our experienced two crew members at the Flight Deck and at least one cabin Hostess. Our pilots are specialists in flying the aircraft in order to ensure maximum familiarity and instinctive reactions to any situation. SBS Pilots are most experienced in the industry and prior to departure, they will evaluate every aspect of the flight including safety compliance, fuel requirements and runway conditions.

Our Flight attendants have experienced professionals and are trained in safety and medical procedures and are responsible for ensuring your safety and security onboard every flight

Enjoy your Personal Chef’s Delicacies

With SBS-Jet Program, your entire flying experience is customized with the personalized cutleries and consumables with your Name or Brand. You also experience the best in class sourced food and drink of your choice throughout your flying.

If your family has favourite snacks, beverages, movies, and games, we would love to make it available in your flights. All your future flights will be stocked to your specific needs and preferences.

Rejoice Evening with a Fine Drink

Experience your favourite drink when you fly in your Jets. We call it as Fine Drink, as we make your favourite drink available above clouds all the times.

Be it your favourite wine or your cocktail, it’s waiting for you to experience it. It’s only when you open the bottle, sit round, contemplate and discuss it, that the fine drink experience is complete.

Are you ready to FLY?